Over the past two years my work has changed considerably but discomfort when writing stuff remained constant. This post serves as another exercise and as evidence, i haven’t given up. Here’s how things went down and what i’m currently struggling with: documentation and planning.

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From time to time, this question or some variation of it pops up on Stackoverflow. I think the question is flawed but nevertheless, here is my answer.

Cross browser support will always be an issue but, you will always have workarounds & solutions for implementing the good stuff. It’s the way the web works and it’s how it evolves.

In short, the answer is “yes”, HTML5 is as ready as it will ever be. You should look at it as a way of developing instead of a set of new features supported by all browsers.

Some of the concepts behind it are: graceful degradation, progressive enhancement, mobile first, responsive design, etc. (this list could stretch for miles but this is not the point).

My advice is that you should not consider old devices and browsers a blocking problem. I think that there will always be environment limitations and our job is to make the right compromises.

Over the past years we’ve been bombarded with JavaScript libs & frameworks with weird names and the common goal of making the web better & our lives easier. Without going into too much detail (no code samples), here is why i choose Backbone.js as my #1 go to solution when building web “stuff”.

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Got better at web technologies, getting better at sharing my knowledge.

Having a passion for frontend (luckily it’s also my job), I intend to focus my writing on javascript practices, modern workflows and general thoughts on web trends.

What do i hope to achieve? Probably the same as everybody: get better at what i do & have a pasta named after me.